Swords and potions 2  

Skye S/ Staff

Platform PC/Web

Publisher  EdgebeeStudios 

Addiction isn't a nice word, but it's the best I have for this web browser MMO. I have been a fan of the small series since the first game even though that one frustrated me to no end because you were limited by days. You only had so many to play then you had to wait for them to recover. The removal of that system is one of my favorite things about the sequel. So now not only can I play as long as I want I can also play with many of its other vast improvements.

The game itself though is in essence a tycoon game. You have your shop where you hire crafters to come work the day for you, you sell the items that they create to hire other crafters and buy items to upgrade your store and attract higher level customers. It can take awhile to get started to a comfortable pace unless you join an already established city simply due to the fact that you have to wait for resources to recover after they are used and you start with a limited number of recipes.

There are a few things I'm disappointed with though. The biggest one is there isn't a stat screen, there isn't a way to look at your various employees and see what bonuses they have added towards them through upgrades and the items they've already unlocked unless you start a day with them in your store. This isn't always a possibility because sometimes you've already used the majority of the items they use to craft with and have to wait until you've gained more and it does create a learning curve as you have to remember an ever increasing inventory and who creates what items as you have customers storm out because your suggestion wasn't to their liking.

Overall though, I have spent hours on the game now that my resources recover quickly enough I always have work for the various employees. I’ve made a spreadsheet to update after each in game day to keep track of what items I need to replenish and who makes them fixing the biggest issue I have in the game with a bit of elbow grease and I’ve never found the need to use a FAQ thanks to the community always knowing the answer. Even to questions I didn’t know I had, or I didn’t know was an option while I was just complaining.

So, give it a shot. If you like it and want to play we have lots of open spaces in my village.