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Keyless hotels and Jon hamm gets strange.

Fast & Furious star lands Wonder Woman role.

Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman film.  

A name says it all  

Warner Bros have been working on names for the new Batman vs. Superman.  

Air Drop 

Amazon hoping to use quadcopters for future deliveries.

Wigging out ! 

Sony fights for patent over smart wig.

How much do you use YouTube? Find out. The numbers will surprise you.  

If you can build it why not. 

German engineers celebrate as the Volocopter, 

Xbox cracking down on naughty players   

Microsoft shutting down those who wish to abuse the Xbox One. 

Soul Calibur VII coming in november 

Spawn Vs. Heihachi let the battle begin.

Metal Gear Solid 5 will be coming to more then one console.  

Ubisofts's Watch Dogs under pressure from GTA's success.  

GTA Pays out $500,000 after technical hiccups. 

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President and first lady to attend Mandela memorial  Pres. Obama says he and the fist lady will be attending Mandelas memorial.    

 Shutting it down!

Thai protesters cause top crime agency to close.

Hollywood not hitting it big in china 

See how Chinese movie goers prefer local films over big budget hollywood productions.  

9 Gagets for commuters on the go. 

Things that may come in handy when taking a trip.